Additonal Information


Electricity will be provided at the conference center. Please inform NCSI in advance if your equipment will draw a large about of electricity so we can make special accommodations for your exhibit.

Satellite Vendors

In the past we have had questions about access to outdoor space for use with SATCOM demos or other satellite capabilities. The Umodzi Park Conference Center does have a large outdoor space where demos of this nature could be arranged.


Visas can be obtained upon arrival, however, we encourage all vendors to travel to Malawi with a visa in-hand. This process can take up-to 5 days, for full visa information see


Please visit your local passport health before traveling to Malawi. Malaria medication is a must, and some airports across Africa require you to be vaccinated for yellow fever before you enter the country. To find your local Passport Health office please refer to their website.

Getting Around

A car can be rented at the airport. In Malawi, they drive on the left side of the road. Parking available at Umodzi park and at Sunbird Capital Hotel. Hired cars typically wait outside hotels and can take you where you need to go.


The exchange rate is approximately 1USD to 740 Kwacha. Hotels, restaurants, and stores will often take Dollars and Euros in addition to Kwacha. They do not typically take AMEX or Discover, usually just Visa.


English, French, and Portuguese are the three major languages spoken by most African countries; please provide materials in these languages when possible. Translators will be in the hall during expo hours.

Doing Business

Familiarize yourself with the countries embassy Office of Defense Cooperation and AFRICOM’s FMS program. The U.S. Department of Defense's Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program facilitates sales of U.S. arms, defense equipment, defense services, and military training to foreign governments. These are the major avenues from which these nations can acquire new technologies. Exhibitors are welcome to collect contact information of the participants, but be mindful they do not have purchasing power. They will work via their embassy to procure equipment.

Attendees will expect companies to address how they can meet current capability gaps, they are looking to be educated on your solutions. Brush up on the current environment on the continent, understand their processes/problems, and explain how your solution meets those needs.

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