Breakouts — Monday

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The Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP) — Providing Cutting-Edge Mobile Apps to DoD & IC Users of the GEOINT App Store (NGA) Increasing Agility with DevOpsSec (DIA) Rethinking Cyber Security for the 21st Century (Accenture Federal Services) Industry Perspective on the Insider Threat and Cyber Espionage (DIA) Establishing the New CIO Innovation Program to Achieve Mission Success (DIA) When Smart is Dumb: Why the IoT is Fundamentally Insecure (DIA) Adopting Data Science (DIA) DoD Information System Network (DISN) Connections and Cybersecurity Process (DISA) IC ITE, JIE & DI2E - A Global Intelligence Enterprise Panel (DIA) IC ITE: Intelligence, Integration and IT Modernization - One in the Same (ODNI)

Data Science as a Force Multiplier to Protect Our National Security (Data Robot) Just Answer the Question (Reinventing Dissemination) (NSA) DIA's Cloud Strategy Way Ahead (DIA) A Community Approach to Fighting Cyber Threats (Cloudera) Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise Knowledge Management within ‘Federation-in-a- Fight’ (OUSD-I) Cyberwarfare at the Speed of Light (Nuix) Overview of the Cross Domain Risk Model Developed by the Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office (ODNI) The Power of Cyber Insights — Cognitive Cyber for Actions (IBM)

Technology Exposition/Networking Break

NGA in St. Louis - The Next 100 Years (NGA) The Art of Cyber Intelligence (SMS) Understanding the Power and Possibility of the IC-Cloud (CIA, NSA) JDIIS Panel (Navy) JWICS and SDN — The Look Ahead (DIA) Building Lasting Partnerships with Vendors and Industry (DIA) Data Trends in Cybersecurity (MapR) C4ISR Architecture Development (DIA) Enabling Innovation and Technology Adoption (DIA) Applying Advanced Analytics, Autonomy, and Artifial Intelligence in the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIA)