In-Agency Technology Expos

Sponsor/host a technology expo for your agency!

Utilizing no-cost event planning services and logistical support from NCSI, the most trusted firm in the industry, for your Agency’s technology exposition requirement is Smart Government.

On-site technology expositions are approved for use by all Federal Agencies. In fact, expos are sponsored/hosted regularly at U.S. Government locations around the world by groups/commands within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Civilian Agencies and serve to advance the Agency's mission, goals and objectives. Expos typically last four (4) hours in duration and attract 20-100 technology vendors and 200-1,000 participants in a single day! These compact, yet potent, events showcase mission-appropriate technologies and are held on-site so that they are free, open and convenient to Senior Leadership and all other interested personnel.

Using NCSI is quick, easy and costs nothing! Click here for a list of Agencies and locations currently served by NCSI including The Pentagon, DIA, NSA, DSS, NRO, CIA, US Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.

Advance Your Agency’s Mission

  • Discover solutions while evaluating emerging and mission-related technologies
  • Fulfill a mission requirement
  • Satisfy industry outreach goals and objectives
  • Foster a culture of partnership with the vendor community
  • Encourage free educational opportunities for personnel

Demonstrate Your Agency’s Leadership

  • Encourage dialogue, education and collaboration
  • Provide a venue for vendor demonstrations and an ethical forum for Agency personnel to interact with the vendor community
  • Preview the exhibits in a "Senior Leadership Tour" guided by NCSI’s staff
  • Improve access for small business vendors and innovators
  • Stimulate private sector innovation

Cost Savings For Your Agency

  • No appropriated funds used / free to all personnel
  • No requirement for CAPE conference approval
  • Takes place on-site / no travel involved
  • Efficient and convenient use of time for Agency personnel and a productive way for personnel to spend a coffee or lunch break
  • Eliminate redundant vendor appointments and presentations
  • Minimal effort on part of the sponsor/host is necessary

NCSI Will Provide At No Cost To Your Agency

  • Professional event planning and logistical coordination
  • Organize and guide a Senior Leadership Tour
  • Vendor recruitment and exhibit logistics
  • Promotional campaign to maximize awareness and participation
  • Compliance with security protocol
  • Website & graphic design
  • Registration
  • Printed program booklets, banners, posters, flyers, supplies, etc.
  • Meeting space, tables, chairs, electrical power cords, internet, etc.
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • On-site management and staffing
  • Room and furniture set-up, tear down, and clean-up
  • Post event reporting

A reasonable/industry standard fee is collected from all commercial vendors, in accordance with Government regulations, to defray NCSI’s cost of logistical support.

For More Information Contact

Howard BlumbergHoward Blumberg

Executive Director, Federal Programs
Phone: 443-561-2398