The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Imagery Intelligence Systems Acquisition Directorate (IMINT) is pleased to host the 2016 NRO GEOINT Portfolio Days and Technology Exposition on 2-3 March. This year’s event will be held in the J.D. Hill Auditorium with the exhibits running concurrently in the J.D. Hill Atrium, breakout rooms, and hallway.

The two-day, classified conference will feature keynote speakers, presentations, and discussion of current and future GEOINT capabilities and issues, offering a venue for dialogue between developers, operators, and users across the GEOINT Community.

The conference will also include 40+ industry technologies and products which will be showcased during the Technology Exposition. During the Expo, conference attendees will be exposed to the latest technologies in geospatial intelligence and technology innovations.

Disclaimer: The satellite image used for this event is the DigitalGlobe WorldView 4.